4 Tips for Healthy Summer Smiles

1. Stay in a routine

In the summer, it can be easy to let oral health fall by the wayside. But as summer routines change, make sure your kids’ oral health stays on track. To help maintain a routine, consider making a fun chart to keep track of morning and evening brushing as well as daily flossing. Figure out what schedule and/or rewards work best for your family and keep with it to help reduce the chance of dental issues further down the road.

2. Say no to sugary snacks and drinks

Whether you’re heading to the park or relaxing at the beach or pool, it can be tempting to grab easy on-the-go snacks such as chips, fruit snacks, animal crackers, and cookies. Though they’re easy and save time, these options have a lot of added sugars and can lead to tooth decay and cavities over time. Instead, we recommend packing apple slices, cheese cubes, grapes, and nuts to keep your kids energized all day long. 

As far as beverages go, water is always the best option. Though kids love the sweetness of juice and sports drinks, they also have a lot of unnecessary sugars that would love to adhere to your child’s teeth all day and begin to eat away at the enamel. Plus, if your kids are running around and being active, they need to stay hydrated, and water is always the best way to replenish fluids. Be sure to bring water on the go and save the sugary drinks for special occasions and keep them in moderation.

3. Say YES to mouth guards!

If your child plays a summer sport, make sure to purchase them a mouth gurad. Sports injuries often result in broken or chipped front teeth, fractured tooth roots, and cut lips (and if your child has braces, these injuries can be even worse!). You can help prevent these injuries during contact sports like football or soccer by always encouraging the use of a mouth guard. 

4. Schedule your kids' back-to-school appointments

Once school is out, the fall seems ages away. However, the sooner you schedule your child’s back-to-school appointment, the more appointment times will be available and you’ll be able to lock in a date that works best with your schedule. Before summer gets too busy, remember to call and schedule all upcoming dental appointments for your family!

If you have questions about your family’s oral health, our team at Dental Associates Franklin is always happy to help. Click the button below to request an appointment today. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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