Can Adults Get Braces?

As a little kid, I always had a fascination with braces, and now, as an orthodontist, I am always excited when I have the opportunity to help people improve their smile and oral health. 

A lot of times I am asked if adults can get braces, and my first reaction is “absolutely!” If the adult has their natural teeth and healthy gums, we can move their teeth to create the smile and bite that is desired. We can move teeth that have crowns or fillings and can work around bridges, but implants do not move with orthodontic treatment. 

Why Adults Should Get Braces

Can adults get braces?For many adults, the perception of braces is kind of scary. There’s an idea that braces are for kids and only kids, but that’s not true. Getting braces is a huge investment in your oral health and sets you up for the best oral care for your future, so there is no such thing as “the right age” or a time limit. Orthodontic treatment is not only for aesthetic improvements. It can make oral care more manageable and can set up a stronger foundation for additional dental work.

If an adult wants braces and understands the goals and limitations of orthodontic treatment, I am so excited to bring them through that process and make positive changes in their smiles. In my years practicing, I don’t know that I have ever had an adult who regretted getting braces. 

For most adults, they are more invested in the process and more perceptive of little changes that occur throughout. When it comes time to take off the braces, it’s an exciting and rewarding day not just for the patient, but also for me and the rest of the orthodontic team that has been involved in the journey and ultimately invested in the outcome. Many patients are blown away by the change because they can’t believe how different their smile looks, or that it took them so long to take the leap and make the decision to put braces on. 

In recent years, more and more adults are making the decision to start orthodontic treatment. People are not only wanting to fix their bite and crowding, but they want to feel confident about their smile, and the impression it makes on others.

Our teams are always looking to find ways to help improve both your oral health and your quality of life. 

If you have questions about braces or Invisalign and what the transition could look like, we are always happy to help. If you are considering orthodontic treatment, schedule a consult today with an orthodontist near you, by requesting an appointment below. 

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