Braces Treatment

 Braces treatment is a method applied for a healthy appearance of distorted and crooked teeth. Braces treatment prices vary according to the treatment process, type of treatment and products used. In addition, the price may vary according to the clinics treated. An accurate price information is given according to the inspection result. Braces provide a tremendous improvement in the tooth structure of the person in long-term use. Braces treatment is preferred in cases where the person's teeth are split, broken teeth or teeth do not come out.

 Braces Prices There are many factors that determine the price of braces treatment. Braces treatment prices are determined completely individually. Because everyone's teeth and bone structure is different. Braces treatment is carried out by Orthodontic specialist doctors. Orthodontists plan the treatment process necessary for a perfect smile, inform their clients in detail, and perform a clinical examination to determine the price of braces.

 Factors Affecting Braces Price

Each year, the Turkish Dental Association determines the prices of braces in two ways: private hospitals and public hospitals. In this case, our patients should visit our clinic and have a clinical examination in order to learn the most accurate price information. At the same time, the factors affecting the prices of Braces are the use of bracket and braces material in case of split teeth, the amount of distortion in the patient is less or more, the person's gums appearing more than normal, the single jaw or dental jaw braces structure are effective. In addition to all these factors, the variety of the type of material used as metal, porcelain bracket or transparent plaque treatments creates differences in determining the price. In addition, single-jaw or double-jaw structure is effective in Braces prices.

What is the difference between clear braces and metal braces?

According to the quality of the transparent braces used in the braces treatment, it prolongs the treatment process or does not complete the treatment in the required time. Transparent brackets made in Pakistan, India and China are generally used in our country. Although this is low in cost, it negatively affects the treatment process. Because transparent wires can break faster than metals. In addition, transparent wire does not provide the desired result compared to metal wires. The materials used in braces treatment are American products. In addition, in braces treatment, the person can achieve the desired result in a short time. In some patients, it is known that if there is too much of the split outside of the jaw and it cannot be closed physically, an area equal to one tooth is left empty in the braces treatment and a tooth is added with the implant method in an empty place after orthodontic treatment. Implant treatment price is not included in the price of braces applied here. In braces treatment, if the jaw is too far ahead or behind, depending on the amount of dislocation, jaw surgery is included in the indication area. However, in mild patients, this problem is largely solved with braces treatment methods. The protection of the teeth after the improvement of the tooth and jaw structure as a result of the braces treatment is at least as important as the braces treatment.

Braces treatment follows two ways. First, it is the phase of applying the braces to the patient. This process is referred to as active treatment. The second stage of braces treatment includes removing the braces from the teeth and preserving the corrected tooth structure. This period is referred to as the passive treatment period. At this stage, in order to prevent the teeth from deteriorating again, internal wire and transparent plaque called lingual retainer are applied to the patient. This is done in Braces prices. Passive braces treatment stages are listed as follows.

In the passive treatment process, only the upper and lower teeth of the patient are treated with a transparent plaque.
In this process, while applying lingualretainer to the lower teeth of the patient, the upper teeth are treated with a transparent plaque.
In the passive treatment phase, lingualretainer treatment is applied to the lower and upper teeth of the patient.
These options are important preventive treatments in the passive treatment phase.
 In the treatment of braces, a transparent plaque is applied to both the lower and upper teeth of the patient, together with grammar, by our specialist physicians.

 Another important point in the braces treatment phase is the passive treatment process. Braces that are removed after braces active treatment should be checked at intervals of 2-3 months within the first 1 year. Then these controls should be done regularly every 3 years. In addition, passive treatment checks should be performed every 6 months for the patient receiving dental braces treatment. Braces treatments are completed within a total of 5 years, active and planned. When the dental structure of the patient who regularly comes to the passive controls after braces treatment is observed, it is corrected with a small operation without wasting time and without re-inserting the braces. Although this shows the sensitivity of the clinic on its patients, it indirectly affects the prices of braces treatment.

What is orthodontology?

The concept of orthodontology means the same as orthodontics. Braces treatment is performed in the fields of orthodontics or orthodontics. Orthodontics is the field of dentistry that examines the mismatched tooth structure and crooked teeth and jaw relationships in the patient and determines the appropriate treatment methods. People who specialize in this field are called orthodontists. Orthodontics, which is the area where braces treatment is applied, can also be expressed as teeth straightening treatment to improve the appearance of teeth. Orthodontics was not a known treatment 20 years ago, but as of today, Braces Treatment is applied quite intensively. Orthodontics is also referred to as smile engineering recently. Orthodontics is a braces treatment that can be preferred by all age groups such as children and adults. It is never too late to correct the damaged jaw and tooth structure from childhood.

 Braces treatment gives tremendous results at any age. Today, a well-groomed and beautiful facial structure is very important. This situation is an important situation for the psychological health of the person, whether in business life or in private life. Today, appearance is as important as a flashy business card. Correcting the person's irregular jaw and tooth structures, bringing forward or lengthening the front teeth provides a more effective appearance than many aesthetic interventions. For this reason, it is very important for individuals who care about appearance to be examined by Braces Health specialists before expensive aesthetic operations. In some of our patients, the fact that the lower teeth are visible while talking with age reveals crooked and distorted tooth structure. At the same time, the crooked tooth structure that occurs with age causes a bad appearance in appearance.

For all these reasons, braces treatment applications are getting more intense day by day. In addition, people apply to braces treatment without experiencing aesthetic concerns. In addition, the differences between children and adults in braces treatment are; It is the obligation of adults to be active in areas such as work and social life after braces treatment. In addition, the dental support tissues of adults may be more sensitive than children due to age. In this case, children become a full tailor and this accelerates the braces treatment.

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