Implant Treatment

Implant Treatment method is performed with screws placed in place of the missing or broken teeth of the patient. Thus, the patient attains a healthy tooth structure. These screws are made of metals that do not harm the tissue and are also known as titanium. The compatibility of titanium with the tissue in the mouth and bonding with the bone is the most important stage of the treatment. It is important that these titaniums do not cause allergic reactions in the patient. The allergic percentage of these titaniums produced on the Implant Treatment stage is quite low. After Implant Treatment, these titanium become a part of the patient's mouth structure and their durability is quite high. With Implant Treatment, the patient does not have to give up his other teeth due to the lack of a single tooth. These titaniums, which are easily placed in place of missing teeth in the mouth, also allow the making of retainers and prostheses in the mouth.

Is there an age limit for Implant Treatment?

The age factor is not taken into account for the application of Implant Treatment to the patient. However, for this treatment, children must complete their bone development. There is no age limit for adults. Patients who want to have Implant Treatment must comply with some criteria. These are criteria such as the patient's good oral structure, the patient's absence of gingival problems, and the appropriate and sufficient level of bone structure in the area where the implant will be applied. At the same time, it is the absence of any negativity that will negatively affect the patient's condition after Implant Treatment. Although there is no age limit for implant treatment, children and young people need to complete their bone development.

Stages of Implant Treatment Application

Accurate diagnosis and rapid intervention are very important in the Implant Treatment phase. Dentists who are experts in the field of Implant Treatment examine the patient clinically and radiographically before implant treatment and then examine whether the patient's jaw structure has the appropriate width and depth in order to place implants of certain lengths. Implant Treatment specialists can find surgical interventions to bring the jawbone to the stage of implant treatment if the patient's jaw structure is not suitable. After this stage, the patient is prepared for the Implant Treatment application.

How is Implant Dental Treatment applied?

The stages of implementation of the Implant Treatment service are important. In implant treatment, first of all, the patient's general health and dental examination is performed. After the general treatment of the patient, if the condition is suitable for the treatment, a special x-ray is taken and the condition of the teeth in the mouth is checked. Another important issue in implant treatment is the type and length of the implant. The type or length of the implant is generally decided by our dentists. At this stage, the doctor who will decide on the implant and the prosthesis to be made on the implant should be an expert and experienced. In implant treatment, the placement of the implant is performed with local anesthesia. The duration of implant treatment may take 1 or 1.5 hours depending on the number of implants. Our Implant Treatment center first gives you, our valuable patients, information about the implant treatment process. Afterwards, we perform the implant treatment at the above-mentioned stages with our expert and experienced physicians.

Implant Healing Process

Our Implant Treatment center monitors the implant healing process. It is important to follow the healing process of the implant. After the implant treatment is finished, it takes a certain time to integrate with the bone after it is placed in its place. This period generally varies between 3-6 months. During the healing process of the implant, a temporary prosthesis can be attached to the patient if necessary. Patients who have been treated with implants should not be overloaded with implants, although they should be fed. During the healing process of the implant, the dentist calls the patient for control at certain time intervals. When the dentist calls the patient for treatment in certain periods, if he deems it necessary, he may also ask for an x-ray.

We, as Implant Treatment, aim to ensure that our treatment ends in the best way by calling our esteemed patients for check-ups at certain intervals after the implant treatment is performed by our expert dentists. Implant Treatment service generally consists of two parts. The first implant piece is the cylindrical piece placed in the jawbone. The second part is the part we call the abutment. The task of the second part is to harmonize with the first part in the bone for the construction of the prosthesis. After the first part is completely surrounded by a healthy bone, the superstructure is placed.

Implant Treatment What are the benefits of implant application?

Implant Treatment has certain benefits. The implant is primarily a robust and reliable treatment application. In addition, implant treatment is a comfortable treatment application. Prostheses were made on the implantr. These prostheses replace real teeth over time. In the implant process, the healthy teeth are not touched during the completion of the missing teeth. Implant treatment lasts longer than other prostheses. The effects of tooth loss are not just physiological. At the same time, the effects of tooth loss are psychological. Implant Treatment is a special application that replaces the natural tooth. Implant treatment is the surest and healthiest method for all problems caused by tooth loss.

Does the tooth placed on the implant look like a natural tooth?

Patients have many questions about implant treatment. One of these questions is the appearance of implant treatment. Implant treatment is placed under the bone and gingiva. For this reason, there is no incompatibility in the teeth made on the implant. In terms of appearance, it looks very aesthetically pleasing, especially thanks to the zirconium structures in the last period. As Implant Treatment, the implant treatment you have done has a natural appearance, but thanks to the zirconium structures, the teeth provide a beautiful appearance.

Which situations require implant application?

Implant Treatment is not applied in all cases. For the application of implant treatment, implant treatment is applied in cases such as osteoporosis or reduction in the volume of the jawbone. Bone resorption and damage to the jawbone prevent the function of the prosthesis. This may result in problems with chewing and speaking. In these cases, you can use your teeth more functionally by using our Implant Treatment service.

Is implant treatment rejected by the body?

Many different materials may have been used in the Implant Treatment service. However, in general, the use of pure titanium or titanium alloys gives better results. Because expert researchers in this field have reached the conclusion that the best materials for implants are titanium. There are bone and soft tissues around the implants in the bone. These bones and tissues take a certain amount of time to heal. In other words, the healing of these tissues and bones is a dynamic process. The healing of these bones and tissues is affected by many factors. The dentist gives information to the patient about how to use the implants. If the patient uses his implant in accordance with the recommendations and recommendations of the dentist, he can use his implant for life. One of the misconceptions about implants in the society is that implant treatment causes cancer. In all studies on implant therapy, no evidence has been found that the implant causes cancer.

Implant Treatment applications consist of many complex and long-term processes. For this reason, implant treatment requires a different and higher fee than routine dental treatments. As Implant Treatment, implant treatment is performed by our expert and experienced physicians at the most affordable price in the market. Because the experience of dentists is very important in implant treatment. If your teeth require Implant treatment or if you have questions about this issue, you can get information by calling our Implant Treatment Center.

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