Children's Dental Health

 Although dental caries is a serious problem in general, it can be prevented to a large extent. Children who have a Child Dental Health problem generally have pain, restlessness, difficulty in socializing and eating problems. In addition, children may be unable to go to school. Parents of children with Child Dental Health problems should take them to the hospital without wasting time. Children's Dental Health provides information about children's development and school readiness. For example, obesity and malnutrition indicate social and health problems in children. Excessive sugar consumption, contrary to Child Dental Health, can cause obesity along with tooth decay in children.

From our history to the present, the first teeth that babies have extracted are called milk teeth. Today's mothers give more importance to milk teeth than previous parents. In previous years, mothers did not give importance to their children's milk teeth, as milk teeth would fall out and grow again. However, today it is known that the health of milk teeth is of great importance for children and mothers are becoming more conscious about this issue every day. In terms of Child Dental Health, milk teeth are of great importance for children. The health of milk teeth should be protected or treated especially so that children can consume their meals in a healthy way. It is seen that children who do not have eating problems are fed adequately. Children who have a child dental health problem have problems such as developmental disabilities and growth disorders. With the specialist doctors of Yesilbair Children's Dental Health, the development of your children along with their dental health takes place in a healthy way.
 Early loss of milk teeth that affect Child Dental Health can cause speech disorders in children due to the inability to position the tongue correctly. At the same time, this situation causes wrong swallowing habits in the child. Children's Dental Health milk teeth protect the areas they are in until the permanent teeth come. Because root development continues in the jaw teeth in children. This process may continue according to certain ages in the child. Child Dental Health is protected by milk teeth. If the baby teeth are not healthy, the baby teeth are lost early and this causes orthodontic problems in the patient.

Children are affected psychologically, especially in the period of milk teeth. Children may be disturbed by the bad appearance of their milk teeth in school life and may be ashamed of it. Children who have a Child Dental Health problem do not want to go to school in the future. In addition, damage to the primary teeth in Dental Health and any discomfort encountered during the development phase create problems in the formation process of permanent teeth or cause missing teeth. For Child Dental Health, milk teeth are used as a treatment for the ailments that the person will experience in the future.

 Things to Do for Child Dental Health

Toothpaste can be started to be used at the age of 2 for your child's dental health. But before using fluoride toothpaste, ask your doctor or dentist. For Child Dental Health, healthy foods should be consumed and sweet snacks and drinks should be limited. You can also schedule regular dental checkups for your child with your Pediatric Dentist. With healthy eating habits taught in children at an early age, your child's teeth can stay healthy for life.

How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Children? Any individual with a tooth can experience tooth decay. Here, the rate of tooth decay is experienced faster in children. However, Pediatric Dental Health experts prevent this situation with effective interventions. The measures for the protection of children's dental health are as follows. Within the scope of Children's Dental Health, soft toothbrushes made of nylon bristles should be used in accordance with the mouth parts of children. For Child Dental Health, colorful and shaped toothbrushes and pastes that motivate children should be used. The point that requires attention here is that it should be taken into account that there is a possibility that children may swallow the toothpaste without realizing it. For Children's Dental Health, it is not recommended to use toothpaste for children under 3 years old.

 In order to promote Child Dental Health, it is important for parents to accompany their children. To get children into the habit of brushing teeth, you should make the situation as fun as possible. For example, you can make tooth brushing boards in your homes. You can mark together on the board after brushing. In addition, children's teeth brushing time is determined as 2 minutes by Pediatric Dental Health experts. You can perform this measurement in hourglasses set to 2 minutes. They consume sugar, chocolate, etc. to help children acquire the habit of brushing their teeth.We should show the children in the mirror how the food forms a layer on the tooth surfaces, and then make them notice the cleanliness and whiteness of their teeth when they brush. This is important for Child Dental Health.

 For Child Dental Health, parents have an important role to break children's prejudices towards dentists. In addition, children should meet with Pediatric Dentists at the age of 2.5 at the latest. Children who do not have a Child Dental Health problem should have dental check-ups at the latest 2.5 and 3 years old. At the same time, this situation can prevent children's fear of dentists. Pediatric Dentists emphasize the importance of rinsing their mouths when they consume chocolate or a sugary product in order to prevent Child Dental Health problems. As a result of washing the mouth after meals, the food and discharges that stick to the teeth dissolve with water and the food can no longer be a problem. Child Dental Health is important not only for teeth but also for general health. For Child Dental Health, there are many precautions that should be taken from the birth of the child. For Children's Dental Health, teeth can be cleaned with a soft piece of cloth for the dental health of babies. In addition, it should be avoided to put babies to bed with a bottle and the teeth should be checked regularly to prevent stains on the teeth.

Areas of Child Dental Health

  • Care of baby teeth and permanent teeth,

  • Caries fillings and treatments in children's teeth,

  • Treatments for milk teeth and permanent teeth in children,

  • dental root canal treatment,

  • child tooth extraction treatment

  • Treatments to be done in case of teething in children according to age groups

  • Treatment of traumatic fractures of teeth in children,

  • Orthodontics for Children

  • Treatment for children's gum disease

 Child Dental Health Child Dentists provide professional treatment and control of your child from infancy to adolescence. This field, which deals with the oral and dental health of children, is also known as Pedodontics. Physicians in this field are referred to as pedodontis dentists. In the field of Children's Dental Health, methods such as dental filling, treatment of gum diseases, tooth extraction in children, treatment of milk teeth, treatments against dental diseases are used.

The care and treatment of your child and Pedodontist Child Dental Health should be done more sensitively and carefully than adults. At the same time, the treatment applied should be investigated in accordance with the psychological state of the child and comprehensively. Pediatric Dental Health Pedodontists have knowledge and ideas about child development and psychology. Also, for most of you, they are experts in their field. Pediatric Dental Health pedodontists protect the oral and dental health of children with accurate diagnosis and rapid treatment practices. As a result of wrong treatment in Child Dental Health, the psychology of children can be impaired. This situation may lead to cognitive traumas in the child in the future. Pedodontist, who has insufficient knowledge about Child Dental Health, can cause fear and horror to children. In the treatment of a child, parents have important duties as well as the pedodontist. Adults can comfort children by giving examples from themselves to encourage children. For the healthy oral development of children, Pediatric Dental Health professionals and adults should have sufficient knowledge about the psychology of children.

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