Root Canal Treatment

It is the solution of the problems that occur in the dental nerves and tissues around the tooth during the root canal treatment process with the root canal treatment method. Patients who have problems in the dental nerves or dental tissues are restored to their health through root canal treatment. The purpose of root canal treatment is to prevent infections in the dental nerve from damaging other teeth.

The reason why patients need root canal treatment is generally due to dental caries. People usually have some bacteria in their dental caries. Some of the bacteria found in these dental caries do no harm. But some bacteria break down foods containing carbohydrates. The breakdown of carbohydrates in food releases some harmful acids. These acids damage dentin and tooth enamel. These harmful bacteria progress and damage the area up to the dental nerves. In this context, root canal treatment is needed to prevent these bacteria from damaging the dental nerves. You can benefit from our Ankara Root Canal Treatment service to prevent damage to your dental nerves.

Dental Root Canal Treatment

People may encounter many problems in the course of life, as well as dental problems. People can get a blow to the tooth or jaw in the course of life. In these impacts, the pulp tissue in the tooth can be damaged. In addition, blood circulation to the tooth may be damaged in these blows. As a result, the tooth becomes lifeless and begins to discolor. Root canal treatment is needed to correct this situation.

One of the dental treatment services is the filling process. In some cases, root canal treatment is needed after filling procedures. In this case, the reason for the need for root canal treatment is that the tooth decay is not completely cleaned during the filling process. Since the tooth decay is not completely cleaned, the caries progresses. As a result, we successfully apply root canal treatment services after root canal treatment. One of the dental problems is the discomfort in the gums. Root canal treatment is also used to solve the problems that occur in the gums. In some gingival problems, root canal treatment is not needed. If gum problems cause the tooth to become infected and if the problems in the tissues around the tooth increase, root canal treatment is needed. If root canal treatment is not applied at this point, the bacteria found here damage the dental pulp through the canals. In addition, these bacteria can cause problems in the dental nerves. As Root Canal Treatment, we also successfully apply root canal treatment services related to gingiva.

Root Canal Treatment Prices There is no fixed fee for root canal treatment. Our root canal treatment fees vary according to the type of treatment performed. In other words, it varies according to the number of teeth to be treated. The open sharing of root canal treatment prices is prohibited by the ministry of health. For this reason, you can get detailed information by calling our Dental Clinic. You can contact us at the number xxxxx.
How make is root treatment? As Root Canal Treatment, we do this treatment professionally. There are certain stages in root canal treatment. Before starting root canal treatment, it is necessary to clean the toxins or bacteria in the tooth. If the bacteria in the tooth is not cleaned, there may be a risk of inflammation in the body.

Before starting the root canal treatment, the patient is prevented from suffering by applying anesthesia to the tooth. If some teeth of the defect are filled, these fillings should be removed. Another important condition before starting the treatment is that the decayed teeth must be completely cleaned. After the decayed teeth are cleaned, the tissues in the root canal are cleaned with the necessary tools. It is important to keep the tooth root clean during these procedures. Disinfectants are used to clean the root of the tooth. One of the techniques applied in root canal treatment is taking a dental x-ray. Dental X-ray is done to reach the tip of the tooth root. However, in some cases, a device called Apekslocater is used instead of dental x-ray. This device is especially used for women who are pregnant.

After completing the cleaning work in the root canal treatment, the specialist doctor tries to shape the canal by expanding it. Root canal treatment can consist of one session or many sessions. This is related to the problem of the tooth. In canal treatments consisting of a single session, the inside of the canal is first dried using paperpoint. Afterwards, the inside of the channel is filled with a filling material called paste.

In some cases, multiple sessions of root canal treatment are used. In the multi-session root canal treatment, after the root drying process is completed in the intermediate sessions, it is checked again whether there is an infection in the teeth. If there is an infection in the tooth, dCalcium-containing drugs are given to the work and waiting for up to 10 days is made. When these problems disappear, treatment is continued and concluded. With our expert and experienced staff in every process of Root Canal Treatment services, we bring you, our valuable patients, back to health.

In which situations is root canal therapy applied ?

• Root canal treatment is applied in cases of caries that have reached the nerve areas of the teeth,
• Root canal treatment is applied in cases where gingival problems are serious,
• Some individuals' teeth may wear out for different reasons. As a result of these abrasions, teeth and gums can be sensitive. In these cases, root canal treatment is applied.
• In addition, teeth lose their vitality over time in braces treatments. In these cases, root canal treatment is applied.

We, as Root Canal Treatment, provide treatment services at all stages and in all cases of root canal treatment. As a result of root canal treatment, there is no pain in the teeth. If the tooth hurts again, there is a case of re-infection of that area. As a solution to this situation, we can apply to us again and restore that area and complete it.

How to decide whether root canal treatment is needed?

 As Root Canal Treatment, we provide information about when people should have root canal treatment. First of all, if individuals have hot and cold sensitivity in their teeth and toothache occurs after meals, root canal treatment is needed. In other words, if the person has hot-cold sensitivity in his teeth and pain after eating, root canal treatment is needed.
One of the points where root canal treatment is needed is the death of the nerves of the teeth or the discoloration of the teeth. In these cases, the person's teeth need root canal treatment. In addition, root canal treatment is applied in cases where the person has an abscess or swelling in their teeth. If you, our esteemed patients, are experiencing such problems with their teeth, you can urgently go to the Root Canal Treatment center and get support from our specialist physicians.

Considerations in root canal treatment

There are important points to be considered after or during root canal treatment. Our Root Canal Treatment center informs you, our valuable patients, about these issues theoretically and practically. But let's explain the important issues in root canal treatment. After the root canal treatment, nothing should be eaten or drunk until the effect of the anesthesia wears off. In this case, the warnings of your dentist are important. Hard and crusty foods should not be consumed during and after root canal treatment. Care should be taken not to allow the temporary filling to fall during root canal treatment. The purpose of the treatment methods applied during root canal treatment is to preserve the tooth alive. However, if it is not possible to preserve the dental pulp alive, root canal treatment is applied to the tooth.


As a root canal treatment, it should be done in cases where root canal treatment is necessary. Dental pulp is damaged due to conditions such as caries, trauma or periodontal disease. When the dental pulp is damaged, the tooth loses its vitality and the tooth becomes completely infected. If the tooth is not treated with root canal treatment at this point, the infection may completely affect that area and damage the bone. A tooth abscess may occur by forming a cavity in the bone in this area. Swelling and pain occur with tooth abscess. As a result, the tooth can be completely lost. Even if the tooth loses its vitality as a result of root canal treatment, it can remain in the mouth if it is restored well and if its hygiene is constantly observed. As Root Canal Treatment, we serve you with our expert and experienced dentists for root canal treatment and other dental health services. With Root Canal Treatment, great results await you as a result of accurate and fast treatment. Root Canal Treatment

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