Smile Design

Smile Design is the whole of the treatments performed by different specialist physicians in our clinic. Smile design means that the person gains a healthy mouth structure rather than catching an aesthetic and bright smile. Smile Design Patients who are uncomfortable with their smiles and cannot smile as they want, apply to our Ankara clinic. All these obstacles are solved by the specialist physicians of our Smile Design Ankara clinic with a correct and fast treatment. The person's inability to smile naturally and sincerely affects negatively psychologically. Accordingly, most people refrain from smiling because of the problems they experience with their teeth, make a great effort to keep their teeth out of sight, and isolate themselves from social environments over time. Our Smile Design Ankara physicians not only treat all your oral and dental health ailments, but also solve your oral problems, which now negatively affect your social life, at an affordable price.

  Smile Design

As a result of the treatments applied in the Smile Design Ankara clinic, people who have a healthy mouth structure also feel good psychologically. For this reason, it is very important to obtain a healthy and aesthetic smile. While Smile Design provides oral and dental health, it also opens the door to sincere and natural smiles. With today's developing technology, dental aesthetic technologies, also known as Smiledesing, a person-compatible tooth structure achieves a perfect result as a result of the harmony of white, proportional and jaw structure with facial lines.

 Smile Aesthetics

Smile Aesthetics is that all the factors that make up the smile of the person are in harmony and healthy. Smile Aesthetics is the form in which a complex formation consisting of teeth, gums, lips, mouth and cheeks must be present or appear in the smile of the individual. In this case, the person's fracture, missing, perplexity and color deformations should be treated primarily for dental health. .

 Smile Aesthetics

Smile Aesthetics specialist physicians. Smile Aesthetics applications aim to achieve harmony in the smile lines of the person, lips, mouth, cheeks and teeth, gums and a healthy ideal form. Smile Design and Smile Aesthetics and all these procedures treat the problems that occur in the teeth and gums that come to the fore while smiling, so that the person will not adopt a poor quality life due to the problems related to the smile structure and will not have to hide his happiness. As Smile Design Smile Aesthetics, you will perform the act of smiling, which is one of the biggest factors of being at peace with yourself and adapting to society. Smile Design for oral and dental health Smile Aesthetics is the entire mental health of individuals.

 How is Smile Design Treatment Performed?

In Smile Design, each person has a unique tooth structure, lip structure and facial structure. For this reason, smile design is not a treatment method that has taken a certain pattern. The person has unique characteristic facial features. In this context, a Smile Design treatment method is determined in line with the wishes of the person, taking into account the facial features of the people while designing the smile.

 What Applications Are Made in Smile Design?

People who come to the Smile Design clinic only ask for the relief of their discomfort, but our specialist physicians, who also have Smile Design, focus on two important results. These are the patient's first having a healthy mouth structure and then the patient's appearance of Smile Aesthetics. In this context, all today's opportunities and the benefits of modern technology are utilized.

 In this context, the steps involved in Smile Design treatment applications are given below;

• Front teeth to be the same height and width
• Teeth whitening
• Treatment of dental crookedness
• Bringing the gingival-tooth ratio to the required level in the person
• Care and strengthening of teeth
• Adapting the smile to the lip-face structure
• Elimination of problems such as decayed teeth and gum disease in the tooth
• Making the face look younger and healthier

 How the Treatment Process Proceeds

Persons who apply to our clinic by Smile Design specialist dentists are first examined in detail. Afterwards, the patient's complaints are received and a detailed report of what kind of smile aesthetic he wants is reported. At the same time, Smile Aesthetics specialist physicians decide how the process should proceed and the right treatment. As mentioned here, although there is no clear procedure for Smile Design, the process basically proceeds as given below.
  • Determination of the person's mouth and facial characteristics

  • Detailed examination of the person's mouth, lips and face structure

  • Smile design planning stage, in which the demands and physiological characteristics of the person are taken into account.

  • Simulating photo and video smile design with 3D cutting-edge technology

  • Which applications in the treatment orDeciding what to do and starting treatment

 Smile Aesthetics Prices may vary depending on the treatment method and the dental treatments that can meet the expectations of the individual and the content of the treatments. The factor that determines the price here is the examination of the requests of the person who applies to the Gülüş Tasarım clinic and the determination of the treatment method accordingly. In addition, although everyone's mouth and tooth structure problems differ, treatment methods also differ. Accordingly, the treatment price is determined. Accordingly, the aesthetics of our patients who apply for Smile Aesthetics differ between individuals, which makes it impossible to determine the price. However, at the price point, the price ranges determined by the Turkish Dental Association are available on the site.

Things to Consider in Smile Design

Smile design, which is the whole of the treatments applied on the complaints of the person, is a very important process and therefore there are some points to be considered.

  • The person's psychological preparation for the possibility of long-term treatments

  • It is absolutely necessary to comply with what needs to be done about the treatment plan, process and after that your doctor has told you.

  • Regular medical check-up

  • Be patient during the treatment process.

  • In case of any problem you encounter, consult your doctor without wasting time.

Applied Treatments

Laminate Veneer (Leaf Porcelain) Treatment Leaf porcelain treatment, which is one of the most preferred smile design, is a 0.1-0.2 mm thick coating treatment applied to the teeth without any abrasion on your teeth. In the treatment of Leaf Porcelain, in some cases, even minimal abrasion is required. Smile design should be examined in detail before applying this treatment. One of the important points in this application is the prevention of tooth loss in less abrasions. It minimizes tooth loss with leaf porcelain and does not cause abrasion in some areas. In addition, the patient can see the post-treatment WaxUp and MockUp stages and help him decide on the treatment.

Crown coating application is a type of treatment that is widely applied in smile design. Unlike LaminateVeneer, this application is applied to the entire tooth part. This treatment is generally applied in teeth with low retention and capacity. Coatings such as full ceramic are preferred materials. In addition, corp coating is generally preferred in the following situations.

• Transparent Braces and Transparent Plaque Treatment
• Smile in Aesthetic Targeted Treatments
• Insufficient Dental Support
• For Treating a Large Filling
• For the Prevention of Breakage of Weak Teeth

In people who usually apply to the Composite Lamina (Bonding) Smile Design clinic, disorders in the area of ​​​​the anterior teeth require Smile Aesthetics treatment. Although Smile Aesthetics is an important treatment, it is necessary to apply it on the anterior teeth, and hereditary Smile Aesthetics is a preferred aesthetic dentistry method to repair aesthetic problems. In addition, Smile Aesthetics physicians are preferred for the treatment of unwanted discoloration of the teeth. Smile Aesthetics Smile Design

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