Teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening is the intervention to remove the discoloration that occurs in the enamel and dentin layer of the teeth. Teeth Whitening methods are divided into two. One of the Teeth Whitening methods is an application that the patient can do himself, and this application has certain stages. First, the dentist takes measurements from the patient's mouth. After the measurement, thin rubber molds are prepared, which are attached to the teeth. The patient puts medicine in these rubber molds and puts it on the teeth to be whitened for an average of 6-8 hours a day. The patient preferably performs this procedure while he or she is asleep. Teeth Whitening treatment is terminated in 1-4 weeks on average.
The second method that Teeth Whitening uses is done by the dentist in the dental clinic, and this method has certain stages. These; First of all, the whitening drug is placed on the tooth by a specialist and experienced physician. White light is kept on the tooth to be whitened for a certain period of time. After this light eclipse process is over, the result is observed.

Both teeth whitening treatment methods are used effectively. However, the methods vary according to the degree of discoloration and the speed of the treatment process. In addition, which teeth whitening treatment will be applied varies according to the opinion of the physician.

Causes of stains on teeth

As Teeth Whitening, stains occur on people's teeth due to many reasons. There are many reasons for the formation of these spots. The main reasons for the formation of tooth stains are as follows; aging and consumption of beverages such as coffee, cola, tea and cigarettes. In addition, dentures, veneers and fillings that the person had previously made on their teeth can also cause stains on the teeth. In addition, antibiotics used or excessive fluoride consumption also cause discoloration or staining on the teeth.
As Teeth Whitening, staining on the teeth can also be caused by the person's specific tooth structure. A sudden blow to the teeth of the individual causes staining on the teeth of the person.

Who can teeth whitening be applied to?

As Whitening, one of the most frequently asked questions is to whom this procedure will be applied. Teeth whitening can be applied to anyone. However, teeth whitening treatment may not give effective or successful results in some cases. Our dentist decides whether the tooth structure is suitable for whitening or not. For this, the dentist checks whether there are necessary conditions for this treatment by performing an intraoral control.

As Teeth Whitening, our expert and experienced dentists check whether the structure of your teeth is suitable for teeth whitening. In this way, it is sufficient to contact us for your dental health and to have a good tooth smile.

Is teeth whitening treatment difficult and troublesome?

Thanks to the technological developments in the field of dental treatment, teeth whitening treatment is performed without any pain. Teeth whitening treatments are safe and effective if done under the supervision of dentists. Teeth and gums are not damaged in any way in teeth whitening processes.
As Teeth Bleaching, we complete the teeth whitening treatment of our valued customers very sensitively without any pain.

How long is the Teeth Whitening Application?

In teeth whitening treatments, results are usually obtained in the first application. However, in order to achieve an ideal appearance in the teeth image, the application of teeth whitening treatment should last for 10-14 days.

As Teeth Whitening, we treat your teeth to be whiter than before. After teeth whitening treatment, patients may need to perform reinforcement treatment 1-2 times a year. Reinforcement therapy may be required due to patients' habits and oral care. Because some patients do not brush their teeth regularly and effectively for oral health, staining occurs on the teeth after a certain period of time.

As Tooth Bleaching, we express that the quality and content of the drug used is important for the success of teeth whitening treatments. Another important point in the success of teeth whitening treatment is the experience of the dentist and the way the drug is used.
We, as Teeth Whitening, apply the best quality medicine in the most appropriate way in teeth whitening treatments. In addition, after teeth whitening treatments, we also perform reinforcement treatments 1-2 times a year if necessary.

Teeth Whitening Methods

There are different methods used in teeth whitening. These methods differ according to the structure of the tooth to be whitened. These methods are; Chemical Teeth Whitening, Photothermal Teeth Whitening and Photochemical Teeth Whitening.

Teeth Whitening Chemical Teeth Whitening

In this method, a tooth whitening gel and a special treatment for each patient are used to whiten the teeth.dental molds are used. Chemical teeth whitening technique has the possibility of damaging the patient's tooth enamel, even if it is a little. Chemicals used in chemical teeth whitening should be applied under the control of an experienced dentist.
As Teeth Whitening, we apply the treatment under the control of our experienced dentists after informing the patients who come to treatment about the positive and negative features of chemical teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Photothermal Teeth Whitening

A certain amount of special gel is also used in the photothermal teeth whitening method. However, its difference from chemical teeth whitening is applied with the help of a high-energy light beam. The light to be applied to the patient consists of LED or laser. This method should be applied by an experienced dentist. Because it can have negative effects.
As Teeth Whitening, we apply the treatment under the control of our experienced dentists after informing the patients who come to treatment about the positive and negative features of photothermal teeth whitening. In this treatment, laser beams are applied.

Teeth Whitening Photochemical Teeth Whitening

In photochemical teeth whitening, the whitening gel is done using a UV-lamp (blue light) or a KTP laser (green light). This method differs from the others in that the light source is different. This method whitens the teeth more than other methods. In this method, the gums where the KTP laser is used should be protected against the leakage of the whitening gel. There is no possibility of burning when using the KTP laser. A lot of research has been done on whitening with this laser. According to these studies, this method does not have any side effects on tooth enamel. After this method, by applying fluoride to your teeth, it strengthens the tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay.

How long do teeth whitened as Teeth Whitening stay white?

As Teeth Whitening, we use teeth whitening methods effectively. With the methods we use, the teeth usually stay white for several years. However, how long the whitening treatment will remain white varies from person to person. Eating and drinking habits of the individual may vary according to habits such as smoking and tooth brushing. These habits affect the length of time an individual's teeth stay white. In addition, the rate of whitening of teeth varies from person to person. It changes according to the tooth tone before the teeth whitening process. For these reasons, we, as Teeth Whitening, express that you should not talk to your dentist about your expectations before starting teeth whitening treatment.

Although teeth whitening treatment is applied by general dentistry, it actually falls into the field of Aesthetic/Cosmetic Dentistry. People care very much about the whiteness of their teeth and the smiles made with these white teeth. A person's teeth usually darken with age. The darkening of the color of the teeth of people over time is due to changes in the mineral structure of the teeth.

We, as Teeth Whitening, apply the teeth whitening treatment by our experienced dentists so that you, our valued customers, can have a better smile. As Teeth Whitening, we whiten your teeth as you wish and care about your health.

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